Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girl's Obsession

I think for a man, shopping is just "wham,bam, and thank you ma'am. Get it on, get it over,get home. Obviously our gender absolutely has nothing in common. Men go shops to buy things. As simple as that. But women go shopping for a plethora reasons. We browse, we dawdle,we flick through racks of clothes we have no intention of buying. I will even come home having absolutely nothing left in my pocket and consider it a day well spent.

For women, shopping is worth chapter on its own. I will spend hours, try on dozens of pairs in a dozen different shoe shops, and walk out empty handed. I have read this theory about women's Imelda-Marcus-style fetish shoes.  They called it an obsession and linked it to what it described as men's obsession with breast. At last, we do have something in common.

Here is the exaggerated theory: 
Women have seen billions of shoes but must keep looking at them-even paving on them. Just like men have seen billions of breast but can't stop looking at them. 

Well, at least we can understand each other how it feels like to be in "that" situation. I couldn't resist that giddy feeling I had every time I enter a mall. This sound in myself keep whispering "You need to buy something" and then I went straight to buy something, just anything that make me feel better within my budget. (Or so)

These are my victims that I grabbed last week when I feel like to buy something. To be honest, I don't need them but my emotion drives me to buy them. When the sales person approached me, I just said I want to buy this thing (pointing), pay,and leave!

I don't bother to try the lipgloss on my lips before I purchase. So I apply it at home and found out the color is too bright. 

But I kinda like it anyway. 

It is trite but true to say that shopping can heal wound. Money's gone but life is too short to worry about problems. 
My dictum as always, wildly love yourself. 

*Purchase of the week:
MAC Lipgloss
Shoes from Tod's
MAC eyeliner
Blusher from Benefit.
Legging from Guess
T-shirt;Hard Rock Cafe London


  1. Shopping is always my favorite but am really learning to go easy with it as sometimes I end up with those bought and not using them.

  2. same here hun.. My shopping spree always end up at the back of my closets. Left untouched. :)


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