Friday, July 1, 2011


Going out on weekdays isn't something we should plan. Where everyone is busy and you just have yourself all alone wandering around the mall. All my friends were in their working table with pile of works, somewhere in those crappy building in KL.

So I just move on with my live and left them behind with their working schedule. There's one essential purchase I have to make today and that thing must have major advantages:
1) Nice color
2) It's only costs less than RM100
3) When I enter the room with it tucked under my arm, people will take me seriously. 

Wandering around at the mall make me feel awkward but I think I don't look bad. I'm wearing my white skirt, plain white T-shirt from FCUK, my cheap wedges Vincci but looks like it might be Hobbs and my favorite Coach.

And even better, although no-one could ever notice it, I know that on top of my head  I'm wearing white head-band form Evita Peroni. 

It's a habit of mine, itemizing all the clothes in my mind. Ever since I used to read Cleo Magazines. Every issue, they would stop a girl on the street, take picture of her, and list all her clothes. 
Tshirt: Armani Exhange
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Borrowed from friend

I used to read those lists avidly and to this day, if I buy something form a bit uncool shop, I cut the label out. So that if I'm ever stopped in the street I can pretend I don't know where it's from. 

So my today purchase is a bow belt. I have to touch it. I have to wear it.  This is the most beautiful thing I ever seen. It make my skirt look expensive. I'll be able to wear it with everything. So yeah, I snapped it!

I make a good bargain today. Till then, Stay well! 



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